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Why Wine Barrels?

Wine Barrel. Simple, elegant, an icon of the wine industry. Marveously crafted for a single purpose. It serves a short yet important role and then it's cast aside to be piled in front of a winery for decoration, placed under a gutter to collect water, or even thrown in a burn pile!

Living in Woodinville Washington and surrounded by wineries we knew there had to be something more, something better. A more dignified end to their existance. So we started disassembling and tinkering and pretty soon we had a wall ornament. Put some candles or wine bottles on it and now it's a useful ornament. The unique shape of the barrel lends itself to endless possibilities. Add in the fact that it's been soaked in merlot for a few years and maybe left outside for another, and now you have an amazing finish that you would be hard-pressed to duplicate with stains and distressing techniques. Now add a cooperage mark and winery stamp and you have a brief history of the piece. How could you go wrong?